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LED replacement lamps

There are now a variety of LED bulbs on the market. Probably the most well-known are GU4, G4, MR16, MR8, light bands, light strips and soffits (see pictures).

led_Wohnmobil_wohnwagen_leuchtmittel  led_wohnmobil_wohnwagen_lichtbaender

Although these are quite capable of achieving a light comparable to 30-35 watt halogen, it must be pointed out at this point that in particular the white / warm-white version can never achieve a service life of more than 15,000 hours due to technical reasons. And even this is certainly not in continuous operation. Decisive for the service life are the LED chips used, the quality of the other components used (LED lamps are not just LEDs) and the electronic interconnection of the components.

To the chagrin of the end user for the outer design almost always resorted to standard components for cost reasons, such as the reflector and the socket, so that the appearance is once almost identical. Accordingly, the question then arises automatically, why illuminants, which seem the same, then have corresponding price differences. If you want to buy a car, you will also find that the externally supposedly same model (color, shape, etc.) but can be very different in price, if the engine is correspondingly different. In this example, 'normal consumer' means the difference.

In order to provide you with more transparency in this opaque market, we have decided to develop our own products or to develop them with our help. In particular, we offer the LumiCoin, LICHTFUXX, Green Power LED and Epistar brands exclusively with components of controlled and tested quality, so you can assume that you will not buy any imitations or cheap goods. Specifically, the voltage stabilized LED bulbs (e.g., 10-30 volts) for the accu-driven region, e.g. Campers, caravans, caravans, vans, workshop wagons, boats, and yachts, but also alpine huts and allotments, are equipped with branded LEDs.