LumiCoin LED Wallwasher Mini 1.2Watt 8-30V

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Wall lamp LW2
A built-in temperature monitor protects against overheating. For example, at very high outside temperatures, the power is almost imperceptibly reduced.
As this LED light is waterproof, it can also be used excellently outdoors!

Here are some examples:
On side walls of camper and caravan. The light extremely facilitates the reverse parking in the dark!
In the entrance area as stair lighting in motorhomes, but also as a footwell light indoors.
In the boat and yacht area for bathing platform lighting and side gangways on the salon exterior wall.

We offer this wall light as a screwed and glued version and in the light colors 3500K (warm white) 5000K (daylight white) and amber.
A breakthrough for attachment is not necessary, so that cold bridges and the ingress of water are avoided. For the connection cable a hole with 5mm diameter is necessary, alternatively the cable can be led out over a predetermined breaking point "aufputz" out.

  • The height of only 6mm hardly changes the width of the mobile.
  • The spotlight consists of a solid aluminum block and is accordingly stable.
  • The electronics are completely shed.
  • Flicker-free dimming is possible with our dimming module or another PWM dimmer.
  • With our dimming module, the spotlight can also be operated from several points, only additional buttons are required.
  • Without dimming module, the spotlight is simply switched on and off.

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