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Do not you know that too?

You are at the dealer of your confidence!

She: "I have a question, Do you have LEDs?"

Dealer: "Yes, second gear left!"

You walk to the LED offers, stand in front of the shelf and are overwhelmed, because you do not know which LED are suitable for your lights. So off to the seller.

She: "Can you help me?"

Seller: "I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with the LEDs, we have thousands of products on offer, we can not know everything!"

They leave the business disappointed.

So off to the Internet!

You will find there an even bigger offer than your dealer!

You look and read and in the end you have not become much smarter.

So call ... Internet retailer!

Frequent result:

Leave a message, we will call you back!
You are in a waiting loop for several minutes.
You call outside our opening hours. We are there for you from ... to ...

There is no such thing with us!

Let yourself be surprised, test our service!

Who are we?


We are Detlef Stendel (also known as LED-Didi in motorhome forums), Liane Stendel (bookkeeping) and our fur child Bruno (Bodyguard - Bernese Mountain Dog).

our bodyguard before the training

..... and after the training

In April 2008, we came up with the glorious idea of ​​buying a motorhome. Since we had no idea about RVs, we went to a RV dealer near us to inform us. During the consultation, it turned out that we wanted to have a slightly larger camper due to a larger dog. We were interested in a motorhome in the six-digit range. On the way home, we decided not to buy a new motor home, but to look with a used motor home, if we like the RV life at all (did not know at this time, that there were parking spaces). So we bought a motorhome Hymer, B 694, built in 1989,

which we then picked up in April from the Unterallgäu. At the Nachoeefahrt Höhe Kassel we set ourselves at 23.00 clock on a rest area to spend our first night in our new old motorhome. When we turned on the light, we immediately noticed the light from the fluorescent tubes, which we did not agree with at all. As we already worked as an LED wholesaler and retailer at that time, we immediately had the idea to change something in this light situation. So at home we started making the fluorescent tubes to replace them with LED recessed spotlights. At the beginning of May, we set off with our new old camper to explore the motorhome world. Right on the first pitch, which we visited, we were addressed to our LED lamps. There we have the LEDs removed and left to the WoMo neighbors. This happened to us several times, so we decided to always put a small stock of LEDs in the WoMo. Finally, our company has been expanded to include LED lighting for campers.

Over time, we have specialized in LED RV lighting.

We attach great importance to individual advice when converting to LED lamps and have a solution for every problem.

For many can sell, only a few advise! We can and will advise you personally!

So that also professionals can make use of it, we are daily from 13 °° - 21 °° by phone under 038755 20555 to reach (also on Sundays and public holidays).

Our task is to present in our shop an excellent advice and long-lasting high-quality LED bulbs, some of which are co-developed by us.

Your LED power shop team .... and that's me!


Addendum: Our Bruno unfortunately died in March 2012 with less than 6 years.

Just could not stand it and again brought a Bernese named "Einstein" to us. We hope he stays with us longer.