LED strip lights for campers, caravans, boats and yachts

LED strip lights for campers, caravans, boats and yachts

Since in our vehicles by the state of charge of the batteries (rechargeable batteries) constantly changing voltage state is present (usually the voltage oscillates between 11 and 14.4 volts) and there are normally only light strips with 12V or 24V, it has been very difficult to appropriate To find light strips. Only through the use of high quality LEDs with a voltage range of 12-14V (the measurement was carried out at maximum operating voltage), the voltage range of 11-14.4V could be secured.

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The area of use is almost inexhaustible!

Here are some examples: indirect lighting in front of the window, over the cabinets, in wardrobes, at the outer awning, in the garage, under the front edge of the kitchen worktop, in drawers, in the exchange of fluorescent tubes ... etc.
For outdoor installation, the light strip on the back is provided with a water-repellent (antifreeze) foam layer!

We offer the light band in 3, 4 and 5 meters in length!

Our opinion:
Voltage: 11-14V DC
Lumen: about 350 per meter
Kelvin: about 2500-2800
Beam angle: approx.120 °
Dimmable: yes
Protection class: IP65 (protection against jet water (nozzle) from any angle)
Cable length: approx. 23 cm

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