LumiCoin ambient light UL-Li 8-30V

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The "outdoor light" is attached to the outer wall of a motorhome and illuminates its surroundings.
It is characterized by extreme performance, pleasant light color and "minimally invasive" installation. There are only five small holes for screws and cable required, the outer skin is minimally stressed and the insulation of the cabin is not affected.
The entire lamp consists of a solid aluminum block, the wind, water, knots and stones can not harm.
Electronics and LEDs are completely potted. The assembly takes place with four screws. The screw holes and the grommet are sealed.
The dimensions are very small with only 150 x 100 x 15 mm.
Depending on the model, the power is a maximum of 26 watts, which roughly corresponds to a 250 watt halogen spotlight.
The lights have a built-in overtemperature protection, which gently reduces the power when overheated.
When installing several luminaires around the mobile, it is possible to immerse the entire environment in bright light or in case of danger in case of danger.

This luminaire could be realized by the use of the most modern materials and electronics as well as 76 high-performance LEDs.

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